Getting skin in the Game: Introducing Sea Gypsy 214

LINCOLN CITY, June 22, 2012 — I have been visiting the Sea Gypsy since 1978, the year I was born. My parents purchased Unit 222 in 1971 when the Sea Gypsy opened. For four decades the Sea Gypsy was operated as a condominium motel, and when that operation ceased to exist in 2009, I was asked by my immediate family to do something with 222. After all, I’m a real...

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‘Satisfied customers’ capture some spectacular photos

LINCOLN CITY, May 2, 2012 — Peter and Margaret G. of Kamloops, British Columbia, recently spent a week at the Sea Gypsy in Unit 120. Since I was at the beach on business at the time, I had the rare opportunity to meet my guests in person. Turns out Peter and I use the same camera: a Sony NEX-5K. We had a great time shooting the breeze about cameras and technology...

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