History of the Sea Gypsy

Sea Gypsy Motel on the Oregon Coast

The Sea Gypsy in Lincoln City.

The Sea Gypsy has been serving vacationers on the Oregon Coast for more than 40 years. Our beachfront complex was built in the early 1970s and is a collection of private condos — some for rent to vacationers, some exclusively for private use.

If you’ve visited in the past, chances are you remember the Sea Gypsy was once a motel. Every condo is — and always has been — privately owned, but for years our homeowners association managed a motel with a front office and full-time staff. Back then we were known as the Sea Gypsy Condominium Motel.

Today, Sea Gypsy Rentals is a collection of condo owners who continue to rent their second homes to vacationers. Since the motel closed, we have had the opportunity to make significant improvements to our condos. Each is decorated and supplied to the specifications of its owner — they are extensions of our personalities!

About our Manager

Troy Foster

Troy Foster

My name is Troy Foster and I serve at the pleasure of several Sea Gypsy condo owners who continue to open their vacation homes to guests. I have a deep, emotional attachment to Lincoln City in general, and the Sea Gypsy in particular.

This was my family’s favorite vacation spot as I was growing up. I spent many weekends building sandcastles in front of the Sea Gypsy as a kid, and chasing girls around the pool as a teenager.

I’m a former newspaper editor and reporter. My parents purchased Unit 222 in 1971 and it’s one of several real estate investments I now manage in my second career for The Foster Group Inc., our small family company. I started out renting 222 alone, then formed Sea Gypsy Rentals LLC to manage condos for several other owners here, each of whom is a friend. My involvement with the Sea Gypsy is one big happy accident that brings me joy, happiness and an excuse to take frequent “business trips” to the coast.

That’s me at the Sea Gypsy when I was 2.

I’ve found that I share a fondness for the Sea Gypsy with many of our guests. Folks tell me stories all the time about visiting in years past, and I’ve found our shared experiences are uncanny.

I keep a blog on this website to capture some of those stories, and document the new experiences I continue to have visiting Lincoln City. No matter how many times I come here, I always find myself doing something new and interesting.